Shri Ram Global Pre School is one of the most famous  Play School in Gurgaon. It is the top Pre Nursery School in GurgaonNew ideas are everywhere! Grade 2 students of  Shri Ram Global Preschool have a curriculum that involves a variety and balance of activities that can be provided in the context of project work. CLASS 2 children undertake projects in which they investigate a real event or object. In the course of such projects, the children strengthen literacy and numeracy skills and also speaking and listening skills and acquire new words through the following subjects:

The Curriculum Provides Activities that are included in the following subjects:

  • Art-Look what I made! In Grade 2 your child will create visual art by using a variety of media and techniques and communicating with visual symbols.
  • English-By further developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, your child will create, write and narrate their own stories and use their language skills to help others.
  • Maths-Using mathematics to solve word problems. Topics such as Data handling, place value till 100, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will be introduced.concepts of time and money will be revised and polished.
  • Physical Education-What is the benefits of an active lifestyle. A range of activities requiring the use of large and small muscles.
  • Social Studies-History, Geography, Civics
  • Hindi-Enhancing the reading and writing skills with the help of Hindi grammar and literature.
  • Science-Learning about the environment, air, matter, space, plants, and animals around us.